Wolf Creek CS20P Electric Chainsaw with Powersharp

Wolf Creek Tools CS20P Electric Chainsaw with Powersharp

Wolf Creek Tools CS20P Electric Chainsaw with Powersharp

The Wolf Creek Tools CS20P Electric Chainsaw features the new Oregon "Powersharp" chain resharpening system. has a powerful motor and an original Oregon chain and bar which enables precise cutting. The CS 20P is the newest model in the 2013 range - available NOW.

The Oregon POWERSHARP system will sharpen your chain in just 5 SECONDS guaranteed. Includes patented sharpening chain, sharpening stone, guide bar & cover. Allows chain to be resharpened up to 15 times - SAVING you £££'s on replacement chains.

The Wolf Creek CS-20P also features the SDS System which allows for tensioning the chain correctly in just a few seconds simply by turning a knob on the side of the chainsaw

The ideal chainsaw for use in the garden - great for cutting logs.

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The CS20P features:

• Versatile and easy to use
• Sturdy design for long lifetime
• Powerful 2000W motor
• 16" Oregon POWERSHARP chain bar with Oregon POWERSHARP chain
• 13m/s chain speed for optimum cutting performance
• Ergonomic handle for both sawing and felling
• Automatic chain oil lubrication
• Large oil tank (300ml) with level indicator


PowerSharp® is a unique saw chain and sharpening tool that gives the user the power to sharpen their PowerSharp® chain, on the saw, on the job, in seconds. The system: The PowerSharp® system comprises four components that work together to provide a fast, simple and portable method of sharpening PowerSharp® saw chain.

1. PowerSharp® chain: PowerSharp® Chain has unique, top-sharpening cutters and is low kickback per ANSI B125.1 and CSA Z62.3. Chisel-style cutters, ramped depth gauges and ramped guidance drive links provide a smooth and efficient cutting action and good chip flow. The diamond-coated dresser link resurfaces the sharpening stone, ensuring flat cutter to stone contact Look for the PowerSharp® diamond stamped on each cutter link. Only genuine PowerSharp® saw chains can be used with the PowerSharp® system.

2. Sharpening Stone: The sharpening stone fits inside the bar-mounted sharpener. Matching the saw chain life, the stone should be replaced at the same time as the PowerSharp® chain.

3. PowerSharp® Guide Bars: Lightweight and manoeuvrable, the PowerSharp® guide bar is designed as a direct replacement. Alignment and latch pinholes for the proprietary sharpening tool ensure perfect alignment between the cutter and the stone. Small nose radius helps to reduce kickback energy. Available in three lengths for the majority of saw mounts.

4. Sharpening Unit: Clamps over the end of the PowerSharp® guide bar when sharpening.

More Information

Rated Voltage

  230V - 240V ~ 50Hz 

Input Power


Idling Speed


Bar Length


Chain Speed

  13 m/s

Oil Tank




Box Size

  485 x 290 x 220mm

Noise Level



  1.5 m/s2


  12 Months Return to Base (Domestic use only)

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