Kiam 2 Stroke Engine Oil - 1 Litre

2 Stroke Engine Oil - 1 litre

2 Stroke Engine Oil - 1 litre

Ideal for use with 2 stroke engines.

1 litre of Semi-Synthetic 2 Stroke Engine Oil

This semi-synthetic high performance lubricant has the latest in additive technology which meets the requirements of all modern static 2 stroke engines.
This helps ensure maximum protection at all times ensuring your machinery is given ultimate protection at all times. Recommended by Kiam & Wolf Creek.

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Suitable for high performance air-cooled 2 stroke engines such as chainsaws, brushcutters and horticultural equipment.

It meets the very latest global specification for 2 stroke oils ISO GD. It also meets or exceeds the following specifications: API TC, TD - JASO FA, FB, FC - Global ISO-E GB, GC.

Colour = RED

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